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YouTube Playlist Player

The YouTube Playlist Player adds a JavaScript class on top of the YouTube-provided flash player, which allows for automatic playing through a list of YouTube videos. Each clip played can be just a small snippet of the original video, as well.

Here's a list of some of its uses:


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Current Version: 0.4.3


You can follow the development progress with an rss feedrss feed

Things left to do:

Legal Stuff

There should also be a blurb here about legal stuff. YouTube is trademarked or whatever by Google. The Flash player is owned by YouTube. Flash is a trademark or whatever by Adobe. This javascript and player pages utilizes the public API for the YouTube player.

License? It's in the public domain, dawg.
Creative Commons License
This work is in the Public Domain.

Contact? Matt Albrecht (groboclown@gmail.com)