This document describes how anyone can construct a playlist without making their own web page. If you have questions or comments, you can e-mail the author, Matt Albrecht ( .

This embedding guide uses the old API which is no longer supported. If you're going to start a new web page, please reference the new Snip API. This page is provided for those who are still on the original API implementation.

Constructing a Playlist with a URL

FIXME: explain each parameter, and how each set builds into a video element in the playlist.

Example URL:

Constructing a Playlist With XML

FIXME: explain the format of the XML, and how to pass that into the web page.

Example XML:

<playlist title="Sample Playlist">
    <video title="BMW X3 TV commercial"
           end="15.0" />
    <video title="Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Noris"
           end="5.0" />
    <video title="BMW 3-Series 2007"
           end="10" />

Example URL for that XML:

Constructing a Playlist with JSon

FIXME: explain the format of the JSon, and how to pass that into the web page. Can link to for a reference.

Example JSon data:

"videos": [
            "title":"BMW X3 TV commercial",
            "end": 15.0
            "title":"Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Noris",
            "start": 0.0,
            "end": 5.0
            "title":"BMW 3-Series 2007",
            "start": 4.2,
            "end": 10,
            "quality": "hq",
            "width": 420,
            "height": 240

Example URL for that JSon data: